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For fans of Wage War, I Prevail, All That Remains. Massive and emotional.

Magnitude 10 started to unleash its energy in 2015, when Jeff Munky was still a music student. Munky’s desire of creating found its strength in the will of composing a unique and original first EP. Later on the project grows with the arrival of the drummer Taku (ex-MergingMoon, Amaterous ) for the recordings, and Takeshi (Cat Sound Studio) brought his engineer skills to help Munky to mix the EP for the final sound. Magnitude 10 released an eponym limited EP, and it sold out within a few weeks only.


M10 took the opportunity to work in the shadows on a new single, and Munky felt like starting everything from scratch - focussing on composing a melting pot of all his previous influences, monsterizing it with a fresh and audacious hefty djent sound. Meeting Pavel, (producer and bass player) Magnitude 10 has now released the fireball and the musical earthquake is certain.


Recorded and released 1 EP and 1 Single.
Performances 2 shows in London.
Spotify verified artist.